BoardMaps today is the most comprehensive software solution for meetings, decision management & compliance.

It perfects the process for Boards and Committees. There is no longer a need to depend upon a mix of general purpose systems such as e-mail, team chat and document vaults that are ill suited for managing governing bodies. Committee members can finally access information in the context of prior discussions without relying on abbreviated minutes of the whole meeting.

The BoardMaps logic is built on the three key concepts: Matters, Meetings and Action Points. Users create Matters to organize and securely share information related to important issues. They set up Meetings where teams make and document decisions through active discussion in person or remotely. Resulting Action Points are then assigned owners so that the team can monitor the status of implemented and pending actions.

BoardMaps provides a flexible mechanism for raising a matter, preparing it for meetings, making and recording decisions and, most importantly, resolving the matter through monitored follow-on actions.

By using BoardMaps, executive teams drive productive meetings, focus on decisions and actions, and link ongoing activity to results. With BoardMaps, executive teams make the most of their time together and multiply their impact on the business.