InSyBio (Intelligent Systems Biology) is a bioinformatics company focusing, through advanced big-data computational tools, on biomarkers discovery for Cancer, Neurodegenerative diseases, and Nutrition.

Biomarker extraction from biological big data (genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, etc.) is essential for drug discovery & research acceleration, personalized medicine and Nutrition.

In contrast to existing partial solutions, providing limited functionalities for an overwhelming cost, requiring hardware equipment and expertise for installation and usage and with limited scientific deduction, InSyBio Suite covers the majority of biology researchers needs with one easy-to-use and high-performance integrative platform.

InSyBio’s patented breakthrough technology offers unique inside path to an integrated end-to-end accurate biomarker discovery process, simultaneous integration of data from different sources and types and has demonstrated ability to locate significantly more common proteins in large scale proteomics datasets. InSyBio’s solutions are based on biological networks modeling to integrate complex biological information in many layers (mutations, proteins, clinical variables, peptides etc.) and advanced big data-oriented artificial intelligence methods. InSyBio Services: InSyBio Suite is a cloud-driven SaaS (Software as a Service) application. The first & second commercial versions have already been launched from November 2015 and it has more than 400 users and evaluators worldwide