PindropMusic is a free music discovery platform designed to recommend emerging artists to their relevant audiences using their proprietary AI.

With over 8 million downloads, PindropMusic has become the number 1 platform for the casual listener to discover new content.

Casual listeners

You get unlimited, free streaming access to PindropMusic's library of songs on iOS and Android. PindropMusic's advanced AI makes it possible to intelligently recommend only content you wish to hear with no advertisements.

Emerging artists

As an artist, you have access to the following:

  • A platform to publish your music among the most talent artists
  • Attract attention by promoting your music to millions of users on PindropMusic
  • Gain popularity by increasong your fan-base on PindropMusic and other allied platforms
  • Earn money by performing at various events promoted by PindropMusic around you or selling merchandise through the platform.