You can expect to receive strategic guidance during your 12-month acceleration experience


Prior to U.S.
  • Due diligence
  • Legal paperwork
  • Visa and relocation support

Depending on the your situation (special circumstances, country, timing, etc), some due diligence is required. During this time, IA works with you to answer questions about legal paperwork, understanding U.S. Visa requirements, residency, transportation, accounting, taxes, banking, etc.


Months 1-2
  • 90-day strategic plan

We put forth an all-day meeting with a multitude of industry experts to develop a strategic plan to help boost, tweak, and accelerate your company's growth in the US market.


Months 3-12
  • Identify revenue channels & sales verticals
  • Conduct meetings with prospective clients

Once your strategic plan is in place, we work with you to construct a solid go-to-market plan. We identify additional revenue channels and sales verticals specific to the U.S. market. Afterwards, we pursue meetings with prospective clients.


Months 4-12
  • Pitch to investors & VCs

When pitching to investors, it's important to clearly articulate your company. We provide the additional guidance you need to improve your pitch deck and tailor your presentation to various investors.


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