Board Member, Managing Director of IA Global Fund, Entrepreneur

Barry E. Walker has more than thirty years of executive leadership experience across technology industries, including experience in developing and bringing to market hardware, software, integrated solutions and services.

He co-founded and for six years was the CEO of the venture-backed security industry startup CoVi Technologies, raising over $50M in the venture markets. CoVi was sold to GE in 2008. Prior to CoVi Technologies he was the 19th employee of Polycom, Inc., where he served for 10 years as a vice president of sales, vice president of marketing, and vice president of global strategic initiatives.

Barry has built and managed to success multiple global teams across various industries, channels and vertical markets. Barry has executive experience in startups and large companies; he has held leadership positions with NEC, Siemens AG, Hewlett Packard and DXC Technologies.

In addition to holding the position of CEO and Chairman of his own startup, Barry has served as an independent Board Member; performed M&A activity; and has been responsible for global business development, completing deals in Latin America, Asia and Europe.

Barry is also the Managing Director of the IA Global Fund.